LETTER: Stevinson, Fernandez have ‘championed quality of life’ in Bedminster

TO THE EDITOR: Politics is often dominated by what the big media tells us is important in Washington.

However, local government has a much greater effect on you and me. Local officials guide how your community works, your property taxes and your quality of life.

We are fortunate in Bedminster to have neighbor/leaders like Doug Stevinson, Gina Fernandez and our Township Committee to preserve what we love about our township and keep our community’s future bright.

Doug and Gina have championed quality of life enhancements while serving on our Township Committee. Most recently, after issuing a systematic survey to the residents to determine community needs, issues and priorities, they are working to create a community garden in Bedminster and the township has since secured funding to pay for it.

Gina and Doug are also working hard to improve our playgrounds and enhance our recreation programs.

Bedminster continues to guide smart development while protecting our open space. Dilapidated structures have been torn down and new buildings are coming in that meet community needs, satisfy state-mandated COAH requirements, and enable the business community to shoulder a greater portion of our property taxes.

The long-feared departure of AT&T from their Route 206 campus has been mitigated as our local leaders have encouraged them to move to the old Mallinckrodt complex – keeping Bedminster’s largest taxpayer in town.

Doug, Gina, and the Township Committee continue to help AT&T’s old property owner to find a new tenant that will add to our tax base and enhance our community.

Every vote counts. Whether you vote by mail, take advantage of early voting or come out on Nov. 8, please join me in re-electing Doug Stevinson and Gina Fernandez for Bedminster Township Committee.


Airport Road
Bedminster Township
The writer is a former Bedminster Mayor and Township Committeeman

Editor’s note: This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in The Bernardsville News.

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