LETTER: Bedminster ‘best served’ by re-electing Colin Hickey

TO THE EDITOR: Colin Hickey’s endorsement from the Bernardsville News is well deserved (“Our local endorsements,” Thursday, Oct. 26).  As was succinctly stated, “He’s a go-getter and really does work for his constituents.”  

Colin is a positive force for Bedminster.  He has set a new standard of excellence in service to our residents. He always demonstrates a can-do attitude and gracious demeanor on the dais. He emphatically believes that local government can do more with less, and that the governing body is there to serve as advocates for our residents.  And, perhaps most importantly, he delivers results, as many letter writers have already attested.

Frankly, it is difficult for me to reduce Colin’s impact to a few lines, so let me cite just a few examples.   Most recently, he compelled JCP&L to honor its commitment to replace broken electrical lines to our condominium buildings, sparing each association tens of thousands of dollars in potential repair costs.  When our residents complained about the poor internet service in the Hills, Colin pushed not only for immediate fixes and improved reliability, but for a long-term solution.  Due to his persistence, the cable company is investing in Bedminster and currently installing high-speed fiber in the Hills, providing not only state-of-the art service, but also significantly increasing the value of those homes.

Bedminster will be best served in this election by returning Colin Hickey to the Township Committee.  I hope you will join me in voting for Colin this November 7th.


Hillside Avenue
Bedminster Township

Editor’s note: The writer is the Bedminster Township mayor. This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in The Bernardsville News.

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