Remembering Theresa Petras

Last week Bedminster bid farewell to Theresa Petras, a woman who spent much of her life devoted to serving this community.

Theresa, who lived in the Timberbrooke, Parkside and Wynnewood neighborhoods, served as Secretary and Trustee of the Hills Village North Master Association. These homeowner’s associations are vital to maintaining the quality of life and facilities in these neighborhoods. Her work, along with others who have served, has kept these communities one of the reasons Bedminster is such an attractive place to live.

She was also an elected representative on the Bedminster Republican Municipal Committee. She championed her belief in small, responsive, conservative local government by vetting local candidates, promoting their policies, and sharing that philosophy with her neighbors. A founder of the local Republican Club, she served as treasurer, in an organization designed to bring people together with common values and interest.

As a member of the Bedminster Environmental Commission, she took a leadership role as Vice Chair, reviewing development applications for their impact on our open spaces and rural character. Theresa was a strong advocate for our township’s natural beauty.

Most of all, we all know that Theresa Petras could always be counted on as a friend and supporter of our wonderful community. Her service has truly made Bedminster a much better place, we will miss her and honor her memory.

Steve Parker
Bedminster Republican Municipal Committee Chair

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