LETTER: Hickey has improved quality of life for Bedminster residents

TO THE EDITOR: To the residents of Bedminster Township, please join me in voting to re-elect Colin Hickey to our Township Committee this year. 

As we are all told as youngsters, your actions speak louder than your words. Over the past six-plus years, we’ve all witnessed Colin performing yeoman’s work to improve the quality of life for all Bedminster residents. Colin’s actions in that regard speak for themselves and should make your decision this election cycle an easy one.

Harnessing his business acumen and utility experience, Colin took on the township’s utility providers and achieved results beyond anyone’s imagination. As many of you on social media know, Colin interfaces with JCP&L representatives and numerous community members to monitor electric service interruptions. Colin has become a “go-to” source for many when they need to know how long their power will be out.

Unsatisfied with simply monitoring events, Colin then coordinated town hall meetings directly with JCP&L representatives where residents were able to voice their concerns and identify the frequency of service interruptions directly to the utility provider. Since those meetings, JCP&L has installed upgraded equipment, replaced aged infrastructure, re-routed power lines, enhanced redundancy and increased its tree trimming efforts, all of which has resulted in a far more reliable electrical service for the community. 

We also witnessed Colin intervene in a material matter between a utility and homeowners’ association regarding the financial responsibility for repairing the lateral lines that feed the community. Colin was able to convince the utility provider to reverse its position and assume sole responsibility for that liability.

Colin’s actions saved the homeowners’ association tens of thousands of dollars, while also removing that potential liability from other homeowners’ associations moving forward into the future. 

One of the lessons we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is that we all need reliable internet service in our homes. For many residents in The Hills, that was not the case. Colin noted the numerous complaints lodged over social media, and he again took action. As a result of Colin’s hard work and persistence, the vast majority of homeowners’ associations have already signed agreements or are in the process of negotiating agreements with the internet provider to deliver new, fiber optic, internet service throughout The Hills communities.

Simply put, Colin’s actions during his six-plus years on the Township Committee have been nothing short of exceptional. He’s earned my vote, and I enthusiastically suggest that his actions speak far louder than any words that may be offered by his opponent. Please join me in voting for Colin Hickey on Nov. 7.


Ski Hill Drive
Bedminster Township

Editor’s Note: The writer is a Republican member of the Bedminster Township Committee.  This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in The Bernardsville News.

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