LETTER: I’m voting for Colin Hickey again

TO THE EDITOR: Having attended more than a handful of Bedminster Township Committee meetings this year, I believe there is only one credible candidate running for Township Committee. Representing all the people of the township is a nonpartisan activity. Not everyone will be happy with your decisions.

The current Township Committee is much more open to local businesses in town, continually working to adopt business-friendly zoning changes. Back in the day, a long past committee had a problem with “Welcome to Bedminster,” opting instead for “Entering Bedminster.” Recently approved signage offered for sponsorship to local businesses by the township now welcomes people to Bedminster.

Attending committee meetings is how one becomes informed. I find it hard to understand that any person who wants to represent the people of Bedminster would not be present at committee meetings.

Jacob Perry covers most of what goes on at committee meetings, but he cannot cover it all as it needs to be told as a story. Reading the committee meeting minutes can provide candidates with information. Having seen no comments about the minutes in person, by Zoom or letters to the editor, I have to believe the committee is doing a respectable job.

Interested parties would know that the committee is incredibly involved in the River Road Farmers Market. In the meetings I have attended, weekly farmers’ market attendance figures are proudly recited. Recently approved is a $49,000 contract to install a 20 foot by 20 foot pavilion, with funding provided by a grant the township recently received. I understand the grant also provides for two compost toilets.

The farmers market draws a wide range of people, including former governors of this state. It is usually a committee member who welcomes/counts people attending the market. Of late that committee person is Colin Hickey. You can see him most Saturdays at the walk-in entrance to the market.

Committeeman Hickey is the lead person involved in the Optimum fiber installation in the Hills. Mr. Hickey is extremely responsive to requests for information and guidance. I would not be surprised if Colin has JCP&L on speed dial as the power fluctuations in the Hills are a continuing discussion at committee meetings. Committeeman Hickey answers all the constituents of Bedminster when questions are presented to him.

This November, do not waste your vote on a partisan vote. I’m voting for Colin Hickey again.


Spencer Lane

Editor’s Note: This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in The Bernardsville News.

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