LETTER: Colin Hickey is ‘the voice of Bedminster’

TO THE EDITOR: In his six years on the Township Committee, plus several years prior and concurrently volunteering for many other township boards, events and functions, Colin Hickey has more than demonstrated his dedication to the people of our town.

This past year alone, he has jumped in again with JCP&L as they continue to have issues delivering electricity to much of the community. He has fielded calls from residents, including me, and responded to people on social media boards, and with real updates on each event – something the utility company has not done otherwise.

Colin and the Township Committee also continue to host meetings with representatives from JCP&L including questions and answers with residents – a necessary activity. Along with this, he helped community leaders in the Hills settle the issue of power line infrastructure ownership within the homeowner associations with the utility companies.

Similarly, he has recently championed a program with Altice/Optimum to upgrade its aging infrastructure to fiber optic within the Hills. The infrastructure work has been performed at no cost to the customers or homeowner associations (HOAs).

Colin does this alongside regular duties as a committeeman, including sitting on Bedminster’s Land Use board and many others. 

Lastly, in addition to utility issues, any time questions about the township pop up on local social media groups, these are regularly responded to by Colin, and done so in a professional and informative way – hence, the voice of Bedminster.

I encourage all to support Colin in re-election for Bedminster Township Committee.


Wescott Road
Bedminster Township

Editor’s note: This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in The Bernardsville News.

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