LETTER: Bedminster incumbents ‘serve their neighbors’

TO THE EDITOR: Come Nov. 8, I will be voting for Doug Stevinson and Gina Fernandez for the Bedminster Township Committee to help them continue making positive contributions to the great quality of life enjoyed by Bedminster residents.

I moved to Bedminster 30 years ago, attracted by the green spaces, the low taxes and its location. Over the years I have met many people who make the time to serve their community, whether on boards in The Hills, committees in the town or on the Township Committee.

Doug and Gina are such people. They, too, treasure what Bedminster has to offer and have worked hard to keep its strengths and meet the community’s needs. They do this by leveraging their skills and experience.

For Doug, that is ensuring he reads the fine print, considers all options and asks key questions to ensure the best outcome is reached.

For Gina the first question she always asks is, “What is best for all of the residents in Bedminster?” and then advocates for the solution that will best serve the residents rather than what is expedient or popular.

Doug is seeking a third term on the committee. During this time he helped us navigate through the uncertainty of the Covid pandemic ensuring no interruption in services.

He is the committee liaison to the police, fire and the public works departments, and his commitment to both the needs of those who serve, as well as those who are served, is always apparent.

Doug judiciously protects Bedminster’s future through optimal management of our affordable housing program and establishing reasonable zoning regulations to improve our community.

He also looks to grow recreation options through his championing of the dog park, hike and bike path extension, refurbishment of the Pluckemin Schoolhouse Park and obtaining grant funding for community garden construction.

Gina is seeking a second term on the Township Committee. During her time on the committee, her commitment to the people of Bedminster has never wavered.

In her role as the human resources liaison, she has ensured the best candidates for 12 township positions were identified and hired.

Gina is also the liaison to the Recreation Department and Recreation Advisory Committee, partnering to sponsor events such as the Halloween trunk-or-treat, free outdoor movie night and a relaunch of Fall Fest.

She joined forces with others in Somerset County to launch the Stamp out the Stigma initiative, taking the role of county liaison and Township Committee resource to make certain that our community is made aware of the numerous mental health services available to residents.

Bedminster is such a special place because of the people who look to serve the needs of their neighbors, both now and in the future, which is why Doug and Gina will be getting my vote.

Please consider doing the same on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Wendover Court
The Hills
Bedminster Township

Editor’s note: This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in The Bernardsville News.

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