LETTER: Republicans Stevinson and Fernandez ‘work for every Bedminster resident’

TO THE EDITOR: As a current Bedminster Township Committee member, I whole-heartedly support the Republican candidates running in this year’s local election, Doug Stevinson and Gina Fernandez.

Committeewoman Fernandez uses the unique insights she has gained from teaching and aptly applies them to the municipal environment. For example, her perspective on setting expectations and enhancing student performance drove the development of new systems for hiring and maintaining Bedminster Township staff.

She is an adept organizer and planner – what teacher isn’t? – which enables her to continually help develop new programs in her capacity as Recreation Committee liaison. Our Fall Fest and Trunk or Treat events are just two in the list of many.

Stevinson, a lawyer by trade, uses his legal power to our advantage. At every meeting, he asks the right questions to make certain that each project is on budget, and he is always working to ensure that issues are treated consistently and equitably.

You can also see Doug’s coaching skills at work, providing constructive comments at the same time as giving support for each project we undertake. He does this for every pursuit – great or small, internal or external.

One of the issues the Township Committee has been working on over the past several years is maintaining compliance with our affordable housing obligations. As a former resident of Parkside, one of our affordable income neighborhoods, I appreciate that Doug and Gina support these programs completely.

Doug’s legal expertise has helped ensure that the existing program is self-sufficient and our newly mandated affordable housing requirements are properly fulfilled.

Gina, also an affordable housing beneficiary, is a strong advocate for the program, as it provided her with the initial opportunity to join our wonderful town. Now she is giving back to the community she loves and making sure that Bedminster provides the programs, facilities and services that make Bedminster an even more attractive place to live, work and play.

It is important that we have committee members who work for every Bedminster resident, which is what Doug and Gina do.

On Nov. 8, I ask that you join me in voting to reelect Doug Stevinson and Gina Fernandez to help keep Bedminster a safe and welcoming place for all.

Crestmont Road
Bedminster Township

Editor’s note: This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in The Bernardsville News.

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