LETTER: Stevinson, Fernandez put Bedminster residents first

TO THE EDITOR: Doug Stevinson and Gina Fernandez are eager to continue their roles on the Bedminster Township Committee.

Stepping up to the plate and taking action, they are not done building on initiatives yielding concrete outcomes. By pivoting to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, while keeping Bedminster’s agenda on track, they have proven they can lead under any circumstance.

Seeking a third term on the Township Committee, Doug will continue to emphasize the importance of the township managing the affordable housing requirements that impact the municipality. Local control through zoning and collaborating with potential developers will ensure Bedminster’s growth is not dictated through a court order or builder remedy.

He is cognizant of the impact on schools, roads, municipal services, retail, medical care, and law enforcement when Bedminster faces decisions on residential growth.

Working with the other Township Committee members and staff, Doug will continue to oversee parks and public facilities improvements, update employee personnel policies and make certain that at-risk seniors have safe living conditions.

As the committee liaison to the police, fire and public works departments, Doug will continue to negotiate fair contracts and ensure our residents are well protected.

Seeking a second term on the Township Committee, Gina’s positive contributions to the well-being of Bedminster residents are many.

Proud to serve as the human resource liaison, she executed new recruitment policies to hire the best candidates for 12 Bedminster Township senior positions, including township administrator, recreation director, finance lead and technical assistant to the construction official.

Gina works closely with these new hires, ensuring a strong partnership with the committee to implement operational efficiencies, fiscal responsibility and new community programs.

Gina, understanding the pandemic left many families with post-traumatic stress, volunteered to work directly with the Somerset County wide Stamp out the Stigma initiative.

She presented a plan to the Bedminster Board of Health that outlined ways to help minimize mental health stigma so families can access linkages and support.

The board agreed to champion the program with Gina serving as the county liaison and Township Committee resource. In this role, she will make certain that Bedminster residents are made aware of and have access to mental health services.

As the liaison with the Recreation Department and Recreation Advisory Committee, Gina is teaming with the new recreation director to sponsor community events, such as the Halloween trunk-or-treat, free outdoor movie nights and a refresh of the Fall Fest.

Together, Doug and Gina will adopt annual budgets below the rate of inflation, support commercial enterprises and equestrian activities to lessen residential tax burdens and negotiate new shared services arrangements to continue fiscal responsibility. They will put taxpayers first.

Doug and Gina are the real deal. They are inclusive, respect diversity and will represent everyone. Their eagerness to hear all residents’ needs, concerns and desires is sincere.

When Doug and Gina knock on doors, residents are delighted to learn that Gina is fluent in Spanish, and she is more than happy to translate for Doug.

I trust Doug Stevinson and Gina Fernandez to continue implementing initiatives that put the people of Bedminster first.

That’s why I’m voting for them; please do the same on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Ashley Court
The Hills
Bedminster Township

Editor’s note: This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in The Bernardsville News.

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