LETTER: Republicans ‘will help Bedminster stay on track’

EDITOR: Bedminster is synonymous with a great quality of life including historic resources, open space, athletic fields, outstanding municipal services and very enviable low taxes.

Having served on the Planning Board, the Township Committee and as mayor, I spent 16 years trying to make things better. Our Township Committee is Bedminster’s caretaker and I would like to ensure that we stay on track.

Over the past three years, Bedminster Township Committee member Doug Stevinson has focused his efforts on projects that address immediate needs, such as advocating for improvements for the seniors at Pluckemin Park, and those that help position Bedminster to achieve longer term goals, such as looking for opportunities to expand our trail systems.

His tenure to date proves that he is productive, consistently maintains sound fiscal practices and is laser-focused on supporting all Bedminster residents.

Doug’s running mate, Gina Fernandez, is an experienced elementary school teacher, Girl Scout troop leader and fund-raiser for projects that benefit our youth via the Bedminster Township School Parent Teacher Organization and Bernards High School’s project graduation. These leadership roles have prepared her to take this next step in community service.

Gina’s record shows that her commitment is genuine, she puts in the time required, and she gets the job done.

Whether at the polls or by mail, your votes for Doug Stevinson and Gina Fernandez will enable them to continue to serve the community of Bedminster.

Despite the claims by the financial community, past performance is an indicator of future success. You can count on Doug and Gina to be the caretakers that will help Bedminster stay on track.

Bedminster Township

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