LETTER: Stevinson, Fernandez offer ‘vision’ for Bedminster

EDITOR: Take a moment and think how fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful town as Bedminster.

We have historic resources that serve the community and provide educational opportunities for all. A walk along the township’s hike and bike path or any of our other trails and parks displays the natural scenery and beauty we are lucky enough to enjoy in our town, often quite literally in our own back yards.

That doesn’t come by accident. Bedminster’s Township Committee has been hard at work for years, preserving open space, taking measures to protect our environment and maintaining the town’s historic resources.

Doug Stevinson has been part of that. He has worked with the Friends of the Jacobus Vanderveer House for years, helping to preserve this historic property for future generations.

He is active as the Township Committee’s new liaison to the Historic Preservation Commission. He has spent years working on behalf of our community and deserves another term in office to continue his successes.

Electing Gina Fernandez will help continue this. She is deeply committed to Bedminster and wants to maintain the quality of life we all enjoy. She has been a long serving volunteer, raising money to benefit our town’s school. Gina will bring a new energy and dynamism to our township government.

Local government is about local issues and having a vision of where a town is heading. It is about electing experienced, pragmatic people who know how to maintain a town’s quality of life.

That’s Doug and Gina. They are committed to serving Bedminster – to serving us.

I plan to vote for them, and I encourage you to do the same.

Bedminster Township

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