LETTER: Jacobs, Mareski ‘proven leaders’ in Bedminster

TO THE EDITOR: On Nov. 2, the voters will once again have the opportunity to protect the quality of life we’ve all come to expect and enjoy in Bedminster by re-electing Mayor Larry Jacobs and Committeewoman Renee Mareski to the Township Committee.

We live in a time where the words “politics” and “politicians” evoke emotional and dismissive responses from both sides of the aisle, often without consideration of the issue at hand. And while dysfunction and partisanship are words often used to describe events coming out of Washington D.C., and Trenton, the same cannot be said of local government here in Bedminster.

As mayor, Larry is constantly thinking of ways to improve the quality of life for all residents. While Bedminster’s low taxes, rural feel and community spirit define the township, it’s Larry’s foresight and ability to think steps ahead that enables us to continue to deliver effective and efficient government in the most cost effective manner.

Larry is a proven leader. Years ago, he had a vision for a Bedminster farmer’s market. That vision is now a reality that we all enjoy throughout the summer and fall seasons.

When faced with multiple accidents at the intersection of Rt. 202/206 and River Road, it was Mayor Jacobs who coordinated with the state Department of Transportation to change the timing of the traffic signals, posting of additional signage for traffic flow and painting of the travel lanes to ensure public safety.

Under Jacobs’ direction and leadership, we have also seen increased electric service reliability as well as faster internet connectivity in The Hills. He leaves no stone unturned in attempting to improve the lives of all who call Bedminster home.

Of equal importance, Larry has his finger on the pulse of Bedminster’s future. He has proactively engaged with county officials to commission reports as to the future uses of the AT&T campus should AT&T relocate operations in the future. As our top taxpayer in town, we all hope that AT&T retains its presence in Bedminster, but it is far from a guarantee, and Larry’s efforts have provided a pathway forward in the event AT&T relocates elsewhere.

Jacobs has also spearheaded numerous efforts to ensure the continued viability of Bedminster’s affordable housing program, which provides countless individuals the opportunity to prosper through home ownership. I am thankful for his leadership and guidance and can say without reservation that he has more than earned my vote to continue leading our wonderful community.

Mareski has similarly championed efforts to improve and augment the residents’ quality of life. She has a passion for the environment and is committed to working with our community members to deliver new and improved programs and services across numerous areas.

Working with interested community members, Renee has been instrumental in developing a new community gardens project, which we expect to break ground on in the coming months.

Renee also worked closely with representatives from Community in Crisis to help guide us through various issues relating to the state’s legalization of cannabis and our decision to opt out of the licensing rules and regulations relating thereto.

Perhaps most importantly, as more of us work from home, there has been an increased need for fast and reliable internet connectivity. Renee has rolled up her sleeves to work with Altice, the three master associations and all homeowner’s associations to implement Altice’s commitment to bring fiber service to The Hills neighborhoods, which will be a game changer for the improvement of internet connectivity.

I will be enthusiastically voting for both Mayor Jacobs and Committeewoman Mareski at the polls on Nov. 2, and I encourage my fellow Bedminster community members to do the same.

Ski Hill Drive
Bedminster Township

Editor’s note: The writer is a member of the Bedminster Township Committee. This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in The Bernardsville News.

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