LETTER: Jacobs and Mareski ‘dedicated to Bedminster’

TO THE EDITOR: On Nov. 2, I look forward to voting to re-elect Larry Jacobs and Renee Mareski to the Bedminster Township Committee.

I have been a resident of Bedminster Township for 20 years. Bedminster is widely recognized as an exceptional town, in large part due to the well-run local government – led by Mayor Jacobs and a hard-working Township Committee exemplified by his running mate Mareski – that grasps local issues, addresses them head on and produces positive results that benefit our community.

They are approachable and very responsive to our community when issues arise.

Larry and Renee’s dedication to serving Bedminster residents is evident in their responsible stewardship of Bedminster’s tax base.

Larry is adept at balancing the committee’s fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers with the delivery of outstanding community services. He knows that time spent on the dais is the smallest part of his job. He spends a great deal of time making certain that each municipal department and volunteer committee delivers value, runs efficiently and manages spending.

His leadership style is infectious. From the construction office to the Historic Preservation Commission, Larry encourages department heads, committee chairpersons, township employees and members of volunteer boards to focus on positive outcomes that benefit Bedminster residents.

He also leads by example, driving around town to survey storm damage, being on-site in response to emergency situations and volunteering to direct traffic at the Bedminster Farmers’ Market every Saturday.

Renee has parlayed her own experience living in affordable housing and serving for many years on the Crestmont HOA Board into her present Township Committee role as an advocate for all homeowners associations in Bedminster.

Most recently, she has been the conduit for the HOAs to connect directly with Altice to learn about their plans to improve services and influence next steps.

Renee is also the township liaison to several volunteer boards, e.g., the Environmental Committee where she previously served as chairperson. She is a strong supporter and promoter of programs that enhance our quality of life and engage residents.

Renee’s leadership has spawned favorites such as Moth Night and Bat Night, and she is always open to ideas for new initiatives for community outreach and involvement.

The role of Township Committee member goes far beyond attending the Monday evening meetings where official township business is conducted. Larry and Renee have achieved positive outcomes for Bedminster through their sound decision-making, delivery of community programs and services and advocacy for residents.

We all win when local government works for you. I encourage you to join me in voting to re-elect Larry Jacobs and Renee Mareski to the Bedminster Township Committee, so that all of us can continue to benefit from their leadership, dedication and results.

Wescott Road
Bedminster Township

Editor’s note: This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in The Bernardsville News.

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