LETTER: Jacobs and Mareski called ‘proven leaders’ for Bedminster

TO THE EDITOR: When you cast your vote for Bedminster Township Committee, ask yourself how much sweat equity has each candidate put into the betterment of Bedminster?

For me, the answer is easy. Larry Jacobs and Renee Mareski, who have devoted countless hours over many years to serving the residents of Bedminster, can count on my vote to re-elect them in November.

As longtime residents of Bedminster, Larry and Renee have consistently addressed local issues that impact the quality of life for all township residents.

Their desire to help the community initially led them to volunteer to serve on boards and commissions where their contributions resulted in beneficial outcomes for Bedminster. Both moved up the ranks in their service to Bedminster before being elected to the Township Committee.

Now, as members of the committee, Larry and Renee continually advocate for Bedminster residents, making certain that their collective voice is heard. Depending on the issue they, and the rest of the committee work with representatives from utility companies, service providers, and state and county government so that these entities understand the needs of our residents and are prepared to take action.

Over the past year, this advocacy has produced positive results. Under the leadership of Mayor Jacobs, the Township Committee has successfully applied the swing weight of local government to accomplish what one person or the homeowners’ association could not do on its own: help residents impacted by the fire in Village Green; adjust the new Somerset County recycling program to accommodate smaller receptacles where appropriate; reduce the frequency of power outages; improve Internet performance; and secure safety improvements to the River Road intersection on state highways 202/206.

Not only are Jacobs and Mareski proven leaders who understand and successfully execute the business of governing Bedminster Township for Bedminster residents, they are also hands-on volunteers who support numerous community programs such as the Bedminster Farmers Market, the pop-up food pantry, and a wide variety of environment and recreational programs.

Although Jacobs and Mareski each maintain a full-time career, they are faithful volunteers at the Bedminster Farmers Market.

Every Saturday morning from Memorial Day through mid-December, Renee works the early shift, setting up traffic cones, signage, tents, tables, trash cans and sanitizing stations, before she moves on to another passion, equine therapy.

From 9 a.m. through 1 p.m., equipped with radio and orange signal baton, Larry directs traffic in the parking lot. When the market closes, he transfers to cleanup detail, putting everything away that the early shift set up.

It’s not unheard of for Larry and Renee to work for Bedminster on Sundays – preparing for Township Committee meetings, responding to questions on FaceBook, or even surveying storm damage and road conditions.

Based on their strong work ethic, demonstrated commitment, and dedication to Bedminster residents, I will be voting for Larry Jacobs and Renee Mareski in November for re-election to Township Committee and I urge all Bedminster residents to do so as well.

Fairview Drive
Bedminster Township

Editor’s note: This Letter to the Editor originally appeared in The Bernardsville News.

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