LETTER: Bedminster mayor: Stevinson and Fernandez are ‘champions for our residents’

EDITOR: Good local government relies on great teamwork. In Bedminster, the proof of that is reflected in having the lowest tax rate in Somerset County, in the accolades that the town received from New Jersey Monthly and in the tremendous community pride that is shared by Bedminster residents.

The success that we experience is in large part due to the trust that the Township Committee members have in each other, even when we don’t always agree on specifics.

As a Committeeman, Doug Stevinson exhibits the same teamwork that he teaches as a youth basketball coach. Working with the other Township Committee members and staff, he has overseen the improvements to our parks and public facilities, restructured our employee personnel policies, assured that our contracts remain cost-effective and made certain that our at-risk seniors were being provided with safe living conditions.

Doug has been with me throughout this last year of police contract negotiations and his legal acumen was critical to Bedminster arriving at a fair disposition with our police. And, of course, budget season means all hands on deck, and that is when Doug is a fullthroated advocate for Bedminster taxpayers making sure our tax dollars are spent wisely.

Over the past several months, Gina Fernandez has attended Township Committee meetings taking notes and studying up on the issues, including the operation of the municipal budget.

Anyone familiar with Bedminster PTO’s Spring Fling can attest to her preparation, leadership and organizational skills. As a school teacher, she is certainly accustomed to preparing daily lesson plans and exhibiting subject matter expertise. I see that she is taking that same diligence as a candidate and I have no doubt she will do the same as a Bedminster Township Committeewoman. Fernandez has established her credentials as a strong team member and will be a terrific asset to the Township Committee.

In the coming years, the committee will again be faced with tough budget and contract negotiations. I hope that Bedminster voters will join me in voting Doug Stevinson and Gina Fernandez for the Township Committee team. They are both champions for our residents who will work tirelessly to keep Bedminster the envy of Somerset County – low taxes, great services and an exceptional quality of life.

Bedminster Township

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