LETTER: Stevinson/Fernandez team ‘right choice for Bedminster’

EDITOR: The women and men on the Bedminster Township Committee are well-known for taking great care of our town – keeping our taxes low, increasing open space, advocating for all residents, and volunteering their personal time to support township activities.

With Committeewoman Staci Santucci deciding not to run this year, it’s great to know that another accomplished woman has stepped up to ably fill her shoes.

Gina Fernandez is an experienced community leader who has devoted countless hours to raising funds to support programs that benefit the student body at the Bedminster Elementary School and Bernards High School. The excellent organizational skills and strong work ethic that Gina already exhibits as a teacher, a mom, and a chronic volunteer are well-suited to the demanding role of Bedminster Township committee member.

As the mother of a student at the Bedminster School whose daughter was in Gina’s Girl Scout troop for many years, it has been my good fortune to be an eyewitness to Gina’s tireless dedication to every project she takes on.

Gina’s running mate, Doug Stevinson, is seeking re-election to a second term on the Township Committee.

Over the past three years, Doug has accomplished much for the residents of Bedminster: Extended the hike and bike path, created the dog park at River Road Park, and helped Hills residents gain crosswalks for safety and a commitment from JCP&L to repair infrastructure and reduce power outages.

During his second term, Doug plans to continue to expand our trail systems through open space initiatives, renovate parks throughout the township, and seek out shared service arrangements that benefit residents and make fiscal sense.

The team of Stevinson/Fernandez is the right choice for Bedminster. They will work on your behalf to continue the efforts of the Township Committee to improve the quality of life for all.

On Nov. 5, please cast your votes for Doug and Gina, champions for Bedminster.


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