LETTER: Stevinson and Fernandez are ‘Champions for Bedminster’

EDITOR: Tuesday, June 4, is Primary Day. While some consider 2019 an off-year election, particularly given the absence of a senate or gubernatorial race, it still represents an important opportunity to support your local candidates running for office.

Here in Bedminster, we are fortunate to have two very qualified individuals running for Township Committee, Doug Stevinson and Gina Fernandez.

Committeeman Stevinson is completing his first term in office, and has served our community exceedingly well. A strong advocate for recreation and open space, he championed the creation of the new dog park at River Road Park, and oversaw the expansion of the hike and bike path to Burnt Mills Park.

Most recently, he was instrumental in delivering a budget that reduced appropriations for 2019 vs. 2018, allowing Bedminster to once again be a leader in low municipal taxes.

His 15 years of voluntary service have given him the leadership and experience to deal with the most complex aspects of municipal government, and he is viewed by colleagues and constituents alike as the “go-to guy.”

Doug’s community activism, however, extends well beyond the confines of Town Hall. “Coach Doug” has been a fixture both in the dugout and court side, previously assisting our Little League baseball teams and now an integral part of our recreation basketball program. It must run in the family – his wife Suzie and their three sons are active in both Bedminster School and Bernards High. It’s rare to go to a school or township event without spotting at least one Stevinson.

Not to be outdone, if volunteerism had a face, her name would be Gina Fernandez.

A leader in our community, a teacher in Union Township and the mother of two, she does it all. Gina served as Bedminster PTO vice president and has co-chaired Spring Fling multiple years, helping to raise over $100,000 for Bedminster School.

In 2018, she also ran Project Graduation, which coordinates multiple fund-raisers and social events for the graduating class at Bernards High School.

In her “spare time” over the past 12 years, she has also served as a Girl Scout Leader for the local troop here in Bedminster.

Gina will strive to keep Bedminster a tight knit community, and her extensive volunteer work and involvement has provided her with the relationships necessary to hit the ground running on day one. She will be an asset to the Township Community, and is a worthy successor to outgoing Committeewoman Staci Santucci.

Doug and Gina’s enthusiasm for Bedminster is contagious – they truly love everything about our small town.

On June 4, I encourage my fellow residents to vote for the team that are champions for Bedminster – Doug Stevinson and Gina Fernandez.

Bedminster Township

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