LETTER: Bedminster Democrats use ‘divisive tactics’

EDITOR: Fall is in the air, and the Bedminster Democrats are getting ready for Halloween. They have already resurrected their favorite ghost story – the Township Committee doesn’t care about The Hills.

Having lived both in the Crestmont Highlands and Edgewood sections of The Hills for the past 20 years, I completely disagree. The Township Committee already has at least two members who previously lived in The Hills, one for over 15 years. With the addition of Renee Mareski, currently a 20 years Hills resident, we will be well represented.

But let’s look beyond the confines of the Township Committee and see how else The Hills is represented, especially on our volunteer boards.

I personally am on the Bedminster Land Use Board, which manages and approves all planning and zoning changes, and is an integral part of our municipal government. Its chair and vice chair are also longtime Hills residents.

In fact, four of the seven voting members reside in The Hills. And the same is true on our other boards, from the Environmental Commission – which is chaired by Renee – to the Historic Preservation Commission, both of which count a majority of their members from The Hills.

I find the divisive tactics being employed by the Bedminster Democrat candidates to be nothing but an attempt at distraction and division. There is only one Bedminster, not the “us vs. them” portrayal being touted by the Democrats as they try to divide us by geography. Bedminster is comprised of many hard-working individuals who volunteer their time and energy to keep Bedminster the special place that it is.

I’ve served personally with Larry Jacobs on the Land Use Board over the past 2.5 years, and have always found him to be a fair-minded individual intent on doing what’s best for all of Bedminster. He also happens to be the Township Committee representative on the Bedminster Hills Housing Corporation, where he has fought to ensure the town is meeting its affordable housing obligation.

Not care about the Hills? Nonsense.

Renee Mareski has been active in The Hills for many years, first as president of the Crestmont Homeowners Association and more recently as the Crestmont representative to the Hills Village Master Association.

Not care about the Hills? Really?

As they say in Ghostbusters, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost.” Instead, I’ll be voting for the team who knows The Hills and Bedminster best – Larry Jacobs and Renee Mareski.

Bedminster Township

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